April 14, 2023

Coalition Comments to Australia's Cybersecurity Strategy Discussion Paper

April 14, 2023

RE: 2023 – 2030

Australian Cybersecurity Strategy Discussion Paper

The Cybersecurity Coalition (“the Coalition”) submits the following comments in response to the public consultation issued by the Expert Advisory Group on the 2023-2030 Australian Cybersecurity Strategy. The Coalition appreciates the Australian Government’s openness in engaging industry on this important topic and looks forward to working with the Government to ensure best cybersecurity practices are implemented in the National Cyber Strategy. The Coalition further commends the Government for having the goal of becoming the most cyber secure nation by 2030. The Coalition is composed of leading companies with a specialty in cybersecurity products and services. We are dedicated to finding and advancing consensus policy solutions that promote the development and adoption of cybersecurity technologies. We seek to ensure a robust marketplace that will encourage companies of all sizes to take steps to improve their cybersecurity risk management. The Coalition has worked with more than 20 governments around the world on the development of national cybersecurity policies, many of which were designed to address issues that are raised in the paper. Having just working closely with the US Government on their National Cyber Strategy, we are acutely aware of the need to effectively address the challenges that you identify, as well as the difficulty of doing so in an effective manner. We provide the following responses to the questions with a view to advancing our shared objective of safeguarding and ensuring resilient critical infrastructure as well as having international harmonization and regulatory alignment. As the conversation around becoming the most cyber secure nation in Australia continues to evolve, we would welcome the opportunity to further serve as a resource to ensure the success in achieving the Government’s objectives.

Respectfully Submitted,

The Cybersecurity Coalition

CC: Ari Schwartz, Venable LLP

Alexander Botting, Venable LLP

Tanvi Chopra, Venable LL