Cybersecurity Coalition

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The mission of the Cybersecurity Coalition is to bring together leading companies to help policymakers develop consensus-driven policy solutions that:

  • Promote a vibrant and robust cybersecurity ecosystem;

  • Support the development and adoption of cybersecurity innovations; and

  • Encourage organizations of all sizes to take steps to improve their cybersecurity.

Member Companies

Palo Alto Networks
Red Hat
Schneider Electric

About the Cybersecurity Coalition

Ari Schwartz
Bri Law
Deputy Coordinator
Alexander Botting
John Banghart
Ross Nodurft
Harley Geiger

Companies with security products and services have a unique and important point of view to share with legislators and policymakers.  To offer the expertise of the cybersecurity technology industry on critical policy issues - ranging from the role of privacy in security processes to the development of roles and responsibilities for vulnerability researchers to the establishment of security standards for the U.S. government’s $14 billion (and growing) annual cybersecurity projects - several leading companies founded the Cybersecurity Coalition.

To achieve its mission, the Coalition monitors and addresses interactions and intersections between government entities, researchers, and vendors.  The Coalition promotes its mission in Congress, federal agencies, international standards bodies, industry self-regulatory programs, and relevant policymaking venues.

Guided by its mission and focused on achieving near-term goals and long-term improvements in the cybersecurity space, the Coalition is focused on several active and critical policy issues that require close alignment and coordination to protect the vital interests of the cybersecurity products industry, including:

  • Promoting responsible vulnerability research and disclosure;
  • Promoting effective privacy processes within cybersecurity policy;
  • Establishing government requirements for agency systems;
  • Increasing information sharing and threat intelligence; and
  • Promoting sound cybersecurity practices in government at all levels.

To educate policymakers with respect to these and related issues, the Coalition engages in the full range of advocacy measures on behalf of the industry, including submitting written comments, offering testimony at congressional and regulatory hearings, drafting legal and policy white papers, engaging with policymakers directly, and holding events.

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