Cyber Coalition Submits Comments on Impact of Botnets and Similar Security Threats to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration 

Washington, D.C. – July 28, 2017 – Today the Coalition for Cybersecurity Policy and Law responded to public request for comment by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration on the impact of botnet attacks and securing devices to prevent the spread of botnet malware. This comment is public as of 9:00am EST and can be read in full below.


As cyber threats continue to evolve and affect the online economy, organizations and companies need to be flexible in how they prevent and respond to attacks. We are experiencing unprecedented growth in the number and nature of devices being added to the global Internet, including a wide array of low cost Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Unless more work is done to increase the baseline security of such devices and the intelligence of the network, we expect to see continued growth in the frequency and scale of distributed attacks that threaten the functionality of critical systems and the availability of essential information.

To mitigate the impact of botnet attacks and preventing the spread of botnet malware, the Coalition believes that close cooperation among private companies and government agencies within the U.S. and internationally is key. The Coalition also sees a role for the U.S. Department of Commerce (DoC) to bring these entities together and facilitate the development of voluntary, consensus-based, industry-led standards to respond to these attacks. As such, the Coalition has drafted a profile for organizations to determine and manage risk related to Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS) utilizing DOC's National Institute of Standards and Technology's Cybersecurity Framework in order to help further discussion on ways to combat botnets.

Ari Schwartz, Coordinator of the Coalition and Former Special Assistant for Cybersecurity to President Obama, and members of the Coalition issued the following statement about current and potential approaches for dealing with these threats:


"Botnets remain at the core of many threats to consumers, industry, and governments. Solutions must include the cooperation of a wide range of actors including web hosting firms, ISPs, electronics manufacturers, operating systems, e-commerce and financial services companies, end consumers, and government agencies."


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