Cybersecurity Coalition Responds to Certain Cybersecurity Companies Offering Free Products and Monetizing Customer Information

Washington, December 16, 2019 – Recent reports indicate a very small group of cybersecurity companies offering “free” products are inappropriately selling the customer information gained through the use of their products. The following statement can be attributed to Ari Schwartz, Executive Director of the Cybersecurity Coalition, in response to these reports:


“Security companies should ensure that the data collected by the security and privacy products they provide (‘free’ or otherwise) are used to make their customers and the ecosystem more secure rather than sold for inconsistent purposes. Companies which do not clear this bar raise questions about the ability to trust their own products and services. Additionally, they potentially harm security more broadly by discouraging use of cybersecurity technologies.


The Cybersecurity Coalition wants to assure consumers and organizations using reputable security products and services can trust their data will be appropriately protected.”